‚ÄčTraining is the greatest gift you can give a dog. 

A well behaved dog has more freedom, and can accompany you on more outings.

It increases the canine-human bond.

Dogs are happier and more confidant knowing what is expected of them. 

Your dog learns useful, sometimes life-saving, commands.

It's the foundation for many of the other dog activities available today, such as agility, therapy dog work and tricks.

Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons, Advanced Skills

In your home or other area. Contact us for more information.

Group Classes, Puppy Class

Low cost group obedience classes are available at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center through the West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club (WLAOTC.com). Debbie teaches the Saturday obedience and puppy classes. There are several week night classes with other trainers.