C-ATCH, UCD, FO, UAG1 Soundspeed's Radio Flyer, MXJ, 

                 AX, RA, CGC                  


    UCD, Quinn, CD, HSAs, RA, AXJ, OA, CL-3, TDI, CGC




Puppies are such a drag!

​​Graduation Day

Agility​ Trial Champion

​Rocco, a Hungarian Puli, relaxes with Mom after a good workout

​Two Rally titles in one day at VHOC

​Sienna proves that "non-traditional" breeds can excel!

"And who says a princess can't rock at dog sports?  I do!"

​"More swimming, pretty please?"

​"Me? Trouble? With this adorable face!?"

"And they called it, Puppy Love"​

​"My name is Jett, therefore I fly!"

​And to all, a good night....